Monday, March 10, 2014


  1. I've been reading your strategies for a few days and they have been so accurate and extremely helpful. We finally downed draxus nim last night and as far as my part in the fight I think your strat helped me alot! I will be trying to get our group to use your guide for Grob'thok tonight. Thanks again, keep doing these!

    -Jadenth, the bastion

    1. Hey there, glad to hear the guides have helped! I had been a bit discouraged as of late, both in the amount of time the guides take to write up and the general lack of feedback I had received from them. Comments like this are inspiring and help encourage me to continue, so thanks!

    2. Hey Stippling, don't get discouraged. I just found these guides and I think you did a great job.

      I was looking for a guide for Bestia, since the guide on Dulfy is somewhat inaccurate. Though you strategy section for Bestia is incomplete, your explanation of the boss mechanics provides a perfect base to develop our own strategy.Thank you very much.

      I hope you will continue this site at some point.