Friday, April 25, 2014

Progress is Beautiful

Written and Illustrated by Paul Connolly
So I've been pretty busy since the release of 2.7 and Nightmare Dread Fortress. Between <Failure> steamrolling through the first four bosses and real life undergrad work coming to a head, I've simply had no drive or energy to work on the guides (senior year papers make any additional writing feel like a bad rash in your brain).

What I can say is that I've procrastinated my way through the worst of my senior year of college and am now getting the itch to revamp and write the guides for Dread Fortress. My goal over the next couple days is to get everything up through Corruptor Zero written and to start expanding the audience other than <Failure> and the few other friends I have on the server.

If this is your first time reading this, I welcome you to my little side project and hope it helps your guild progress through the content. Comments, criticism, and suggestions are extremely helpful and encouraged! In addition, start spreading the word! Give it to your friends, your fellow guildies, or your rival guilds if you think Fail Raid is terrible and will cause some wipes!


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