Friday, May 30, 2014

Dread Master Brontes Part One

Facelimb x6 Combo by Ortheka
Oh the horror! 

I vowed when I begun this personal project of writing guides for SW:TOR that I wouldn't cut corners. I wouldn't say "the boss does an AoE that hurts," but rather explain the mechanics of that AoE (whether it projects on the ground, on a player, on the boss), the cast times, the cooldowns, the damage type, etc. so that there was a compilation of easy to access information for all.

While I write these guides purely for personal entertainment, I cannot help but wonder what I got myself into after the grueling hours spent working on the Dread Master Brontes guide. Writing the guide makes the fight seem easy!

The worst part of it all? I'm not even close to being done!

The Mechanics section is in acceptable condition and usable in its current form. I have not even begun the strategy section, though I intend on completing it at least before next week.

I hope that what is currently available is of use to some people, and that the information is presented both in a readable and understandable format. But with such a complex fight, it's difficult to avoid the inevitable "wall of text". I assure you that the information is relevant, and you'll be a better raider or raid leader for knowing its intricacies.

With all that said, here is Part One of the Dread Master Brontes guide. Feedback would be great, corrections would be even better. User submitted, hi-res pictures would be the best! Thanks to those who use this site! Your silent eyeballs make this mildly worthwhile!

- Stippling


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